Sequence Breaking

October 30, 2011 by Noah
I spent most of the day today toying around with Pokemon FireRed Version - trying to sequence break it, mostly.


Originally, I wanted to see what would happen if you got to Fuchsia City without having taken one of the fossils from Mt. Moon... because in the Fuchsia City Zoo, there will be either an Omanyte or a Kabuto there -- the opposite fossil from the one you chose early in the game. So I wanted to see what the game would do...

But then I realized that, Fuchsia City is the perfect city to start the game in because, while there's a steep difficulty curve to get your bearings, you can actually continue the game from there and get back on track. This can't be said of all the other cities (especially Cinnabar Island).

I've divided my whole quest up into four parts, complete with screenshots. Read about my sequence breaking quest here.



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