Kirsle's Text Fader

Step 1) Enter Text to Fade Enter some text into this field to apply the fade effect to.

Step 2) Specify a Color List Enter a list of color codes into this box. Use only hexadecimal color codes, with one on each line. Or, select a preset color scheme from the list below.

Step 3) Select Output Format Select which format the resulting HTML code should be in.
<font color=*>, compatible with all HTML.
<span style=*>, HTML 4.01 compliant code.
[color=*], compatible with web forums.

Step 4) Execute When you're ready, click this button to apply the fade effect to your text.

Kirsle's Text Fader
© 2009 Casey Kirsle
About This Tool Use this tool to generate text that fades between two or more colors. It will show you a preview of your result and provide some cut-and-paste code that you can use on web pages and forums.

Since December 6, 2007, this tool has been used 95108 times to fade a total of 4688461 bytes of text using 388226 colors.