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Hello world!

My name is Noah and this is my website. I am a 29-year-old software engineer who lives in Los Angeles. My areas of expertise are primarily in Perl and Python back-end software development, however I believe I have a knack for the front end as well.

I built Kirsle.net from the ground up. Its back-end code has been rewritten a dozen different times, in two different languages. I made the web design in Photoshop and pieced it together using standards compliant HTML 5 (the spec, not the buzzword), CSS and a little bit of JavaScript. The back end is entirely written in Python. The previous version of Kirsle.net was written in Perl and ran on my "PerlSiikir" CMS. I rewrote it in Python for various reasons, and I like Python more these days anyway. ;)

Besides being a rockstar at back end development and a pretty decent web designer, I've dabbled in some 3D modeling, Flash animation and other artistic things. You can find them under the "Creativity" section on the left navigation. :)

Some of my personal projects are listed under the "Software" section to your left. The rest you'll find on my GitHub page and CPAN profile.


Where did I come up with the name Kirsle? Long-ish story, but here's the cliffnotes:
  • In 1997 when the Internet was still brand new, They didn't want us using our real names online so I always went by one screen name or another.
  • The game NiGHTS: Into Dreams... for the Sega Saturn had an enemy on some levels named Kircle, and I liked the name but I read it as though the "C" were pronounced like an "S". Nonetheless, it became my screen name.
  • People often pronounced it with a hard "C". The last straw was when I discovered that Text-to-Speech software also pronounced it this way.
  • I re-spelled it as Kirsle so it was spelled how I wanted it to be pronounced.
  • In doing so, I created the most unique name ever. All of the Google search results for Kirsle are about me!
Later on I turned Kirsle into a full Internet alias/fake name of Casey Kirsle, which I used as my name for several years online (some of my older Perl modules on CPAN are signed by this name). That was mostly because I like the name Casey, and Kirsle could plausibly sound like a last name. ;)

Kirsle.net is Open Source

The Python code that powers Kirsle.net is an open source project of mine named Rophako. It means "Website" in Azulian. The Rophako CMS is open source software that I released under the GNU General Public License and you can clone it on GitHub. The HTML files for Kirsle.net are also on GitHub, but those probably aren't very interesting to you.

The CMS supports a web blog, photo albums, comments, and subscriptions to comments (so that your guests can watch a comment thread for future posts by others). I'm always improving it and adding new features.