About Me

Updated: Nov 27 2022

Hello world!

My name is Noah and this is my website, where I primarily keep my blog. I'm a 35 year-old software engineer from Portland, OR (previously Los Angeles for about a decade).

I've been interested in computers my whole life ever since I was given an old Tandy MS-DOS machine running Windows 3.1 back when I was in kindergarten. I taught myself how to create web pages when I was 12, how to program in Perl by 14, and I've been in love with software development ever since! It's the closest thing to magick in an otherwise material universe; if you can imagine it, you can write code to do it!

I'm a 90's kid and a "netizen" of the web from the early 2000s, back when the Internet was simple and social media didn't exist. I purposely designed my website to resemble the good old classic sites from back then: with a visual wallpaper and lots of color. Only, now I make sites while keeping them compliant with modern HTML standards and friendly to view on mobile devices!

Besides computers, I have a pretty wide array of other interests in my personal life; I'm a "jack of all trades, master of some" and like to dabble here or there. I love to write and create various forms of what could be loosely defined as "art." A long while ago I played with 3D modeling and Flash animations. I like to learn about all forms of science, delve into spiritual topics and explore the nature of the universe. I'm into nudism and nude photography, videogames and board games, hiking and camping, chat bots, and discovering new things.

I'm a "high functioning introvert," where I can go out and socialize from time to time, and fool people into thinking I'm actually an extravert, but then I need my alone time to recharge my batteries.

Music Taste

I don't listen to music much, instead tending to work in silence, but when I do, these are some artists I'm into recently (links open to a YouTube video of a song of theirs that I like):

I'll add more when I'm motivated.

Geeky Stuff

This website is open source. I wrote the back-end in Go this time at kirsle/blog, and my front-end template files are readable on GitHub too. But those aren't very interesting.

Having learned to make websites in the early 2000's, I think we should return to the days of Dynamic HTML instead of these overly bloated web applications. My website speaks HTTP, serves HTML pages, has <form>s that actually POST, and the little bits of JavaScript I add are to enhance the experience slightly. My website works fine with all scripts disabled.


In this post-Snowden era, maybe we should be more privacy conscious. does not use any third-party advertisements or analytics tools. I don't want to know your IP address, either. My website handles its own blog comments, rather than using something like Disqus, which invades your privacy as you visit the websites that use it.