TrueType Fonts

Here are the few TTF font files I've created, in the chronological order of their creation.


This is the first font I've created. The characters were based off the original design for the Azulian language set. I don't remember what program I created this font in, but it sucked and I had to actually use two different programs, because one of them wouldn't allow the final TTF file to be created. At any rate, I later abandoned this font for a new Azulian set that looks a lot less like English.

¤ Download Azulian.ttf (ZIP; 16.8 KB)

Azulian Nexus

This is the new font for the Azulian language. It was created in Macromedia Fontographer 4.

¤ Download Nexus.ttf (ZIP; 11.4 KB)


The characters for this font were drawn by my friend Barry and I to use on a website that we never got around to creating.

¤ Download Rive.ttf (ZIP; 13.7 KB)


I created this font in Fontographer while developing some ideas for this story about Lorei, the Nightmare Realm. I felt like creating a new non-English language for it, and this font resulted from it. I think this font has considerably less letters than are in the English alphabet and I did that on purpose.

¤ Download Lorelei.ttf (ZIP; 7.66 KB)