Web Design

Here you can find an archive of some past web designs used for my personal website, in chronological order. Lavender

This was the first web design for, which was the domain I was using for my personal website somewhere around the year 2006. Starburst

This was the second redesign for It featured lighter shades of blue to improve the readability of the pages. I named it Starburst both for the visual look of the theme, and because it was the name of the Perl CMS I was programming to run Storm

This was the third design. I didn't end up liking it very much and quickly replaced it. Cosmos

This was the final redesign for and features an outer space style theme, while still keeping the blue and pink color scheme. Solar

This was the original "Solar" theme for, which was the next logical upgrade from the Cosmos theme. This first iteration used static, flat images for every part of the design: though the design looks like it has transparent backgrounds, they were actually pre-rendered, because I wanted to support Internet Explorer 6 and it couldn't handle alpha channels in PNG images.

I actually lost my copy of this template and had to dig it up on The Internet Archive and piece it back together. Solar (HTML5)

An HTML5/CSS3 refresh of the Solar theme. I started using CSS3 for the rounded panel borders and transparent PNGs for the panel background colors, breaking compatibility with MSIE 6.0.

This design went live on on May 12, 2010. Relevant blog post. Solar (Bootstrap)

Another design refresh that uses Twitter Bootstrap as the layout engine, improving compatibility with mobile browsers. This design went live on October 15, 2014.