TTF to EOT Font Converter

Use this tool to convert a TrueType (TTF) font file into an OpenType (EOT) font file, for use with Internet Explorer for embedded fonts. After using this tool, you will be able to embed fonts on your web pages that can be seen on Internet Explorer 4 and higher, and all current modern web browsers that support embedded fonts via CSS3 (Firefox 3.5 and higher are among such browsers).

See the Restrictions that are in place for this web application.

Upload a TrueType Font Use this form to upload a TrueType Font file to be converted. Browse and select a ".ttf" file.

Maximum file size accepted: 1 MB*

Alternative TTF to EOT Converter

There are some known issues with the ttf2eot binary this application uses and certain TTF files won't work on IE when converted to EOT.

If your font doesn't work on IE after conversion, try this other font converter instead.


To keep this program from consuming too many resources on the server, the following restrictions are in place:
  1. This program will only accept a TTF file that is less than 2 MB (or 1024*1024*2 bytes).
  2. If you upload something between 2 and 5 MB this program will give you an error message. See #1 above.
  3. If you upload something greater than 5 MB, the web server (not this program) will reset your connection. See #1 above.
  4. When the actual conversion is taking place, the ttf2eot binary is allowed 10 seconds to do its job. If it takes longer than this, it will be aborted and you will receive an error message.
Every TTF file that I've personally tested this with has been successfully converted to EOT. Conversion for me usually takes less than a second, and all the TTF files I've used are well under 1 MB in size.

If this program isn't working for you, feel free to contact me. You can directly send me an e-mail from here.

About This Program

The TTF to EOT Converter is a web-based tool for creating OpenType EOT font files from TrueType TTF font files. Once you have a pair of TTF and EOT fonts, you can use both of them to embed the font on your web pages in a way that works with both Internet Explorer and CSS3 web browsers such as Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4.

About Font Embedding

The ability to embed fonts on web pages was originally implemented by Microsoft in Internet Explorer 4.0 - the catch was that these font files needed to be in a custom form of OpenType format, with an EOT file extension. The other catch is that embedding EOT files only works in Internet Explorer. Therefore, it didn't really catch on.

More recently, the new CSS 3 added a specification for embedding fonts on web pages in a more open, standardized way. Browsers that support the full CSS 3 specification can render web pages which embed a TrueType font file.

New browsers such as Firefox 3.5 therefore support TrueType Fonts to be embedded on pages, whereas Internet Explorer supports OpenType Fonts. Firefox 3.5 won't render OpenType, and Internet Explorer won't render TrueType. To get around this problem, both types of fonts may be embedded on a page at the same time. This is a demonstration page that embeds my Rive font, for your reference.


  1. Upload a valid TrueType Font file and click the button. If all goes well, you'll be able to download the EOT font file on the next page.


Noah Petherbridge

This web tool is a front-end to the ttf2eot converter program, written by taviso. Noah merely wrote this front-end.

Source Code?

This web tool is not open source software. It's a very trivial front-end to ttf2eot (really, it does nothing more than allow you to upload a TTF file, run the ttf2eot binary, and provide a link to the EOT file). It's trivial to anybody who knows Perl, PHP or anything equivalent so I don't provide the code to this CGI script. If you want your own CGI script, write it yourself. :)