MS-DOS & Software

This page contains download links for a very old Microsoft operating system so that it can be preserved -- on this corner of the Internet, anyway -- for anyone who is curious to tinker with the first versions of Windows or who just wants to take a trip down Nostalgia Avenue.

The operating systems here are distributed as floppy disk image files (with an .img extension). If you actually have a floppy drive, you'll have to flash these images onto floppy disks. If you just want to use VirtualBox, it can make use of the floppy image files directly.

MS-DOS 6.22

The last version of MS-DOS from the Windows 3.1 era, before Windows 95.

¤ Download (.zip, 3.5 MB)

Windows for Workgroups 3.11

The first version of Windows to support TCP/IP networking.

Disk images (*.img files) for use with VirtualBox or flashing to floppy disks:

¤ Download (.zip, 10.3 MB)

Unpacked disk images (ZIP file containing all files from all disks in one folder, maybe useful for DOSBox installations):

¤ Download (.zip, 11 MB)

Hardware Drivers for VirtualBox

These are some hardware drivers for DOS and Windows 3.x that are known to work with VirtualBox's emulated hardware. Drivers include:
  • CD-ROM driver
  • DOSIDLE to make MS-DOS stop consuming 100% CPU
  • WQGHLT to make Windows 3.x stop consuming 100% CPU
  • SoundBlaster 16 as a CD image (requires the CD-ROM driver)
¤ Download (.zip, 4.0 MB)


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