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July 8, 2008 by Noah
There's a retarded new breed of forum spam bot crawling the web lately. Unlike the spam bots that try to stuff posts full of links to virus-ridden websites, these bots just seem to register and say things like "Nice site! Where'd you get it?"

The YaBB forum has gotten at least two of these low-hanging spam bots recently. I modified the YaBB source to try and stop these things from being able to register by employing some of the same techniques that keep safe from "dumb submitter bots" and we'll see if that helps...

Remind me to write a big long article about spam bots and how to fight them. I have some pretty good techniques that seem to work quite effectively but I currently don't have the motivation to write about them at this point in time.

Update: I've written an article about stopping dumb submitter bots: Trapping "Dumb Submitter Bots".



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