Fedora 12 Final - Still No GNOME Shell in VirtualBox

November 18, 2009 by Noah
As a follow-up to my GNOME Shell in VirtualBox experiment, I've tested it again with the final release of Fedora 12: Constantine.

With no 3D acceleration, the results are the same as before: a mostly black screen, can't really do very much with it. With VirtualBox's 3D acceleration enabled, it's similar to the result I had before... very frequently the majority of the desktop (besides a box around my desktop icons) and the whole shapes of windows have that "striped" blue texture all across them.

I say most of the time because it's sometimes possible to get a window to show its true contents and become usable by dragging it around and playing with it for a bit, but the effects usually don't last very long before the window loses its textures again. The scale effect of bringing up the main menu in GNOME Shell usually fscks up all windows you have open again.

But the reason for this particular blog entry is that I also decided to test Compiz Fusion inside VirtualBox, on Fedora 12, under the same conditions as the GNOME Shell. I couldn't do this before because the beta version of Fedora 12 had some dependency issues, and Compiz conflicted with GNOME Shell; they couldn't co-exist together.

In Fedora 12 they can co-exist, and the Desktop Effects GUI window gives options to select either Compiz or GNOME Shell. Anyway, here's a screenshot. This is a real screenshot of Fedora 12 running in VirtualBox with full desktop effects active, including the 3D Cube effect.

Compiz Effects
Click for a full-size version of this screenshot
Compiz++, GNOME Shell--;


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