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October 15, 2008 by Noah
Dynamic Drive has one, and now I do too: a Favicon Generator. It's a lil CGI application that takes an uploaded image and converts it into a Win32 icon file, specifically the 16x16 resolution variety that are used as favorites icons for websites.

Dynamic Drive's was cool and I've been using it thus far to generate all my favicon files (and some regular icons for use in some of my software like PCCC and ErrorGen), but my generator 1up's that by also being able to include 96x96 resolution icons (Windows Vista size).

To those curious, I mainly used the Perl modules GD and Imager to manipulate the uploaded image and save it as a Win32 icon. I won't give out the code behind my favicon.cgi though because it's really not that hard to figure out just from the manpages of the Imager module (see Imager::File::ICO).



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