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Page Comments
May 11, 2008 by Noah
Here's another update about my content management system. I've added something called "page comments", which works just like blog comments but they can be used anywhere else where needed. Having said that, I've put my Guestbook page back up, and it directly uses this "page comments" module. Also, Photo Albums support commenting on the pictures. :)
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An Update from Los Angeles
April 19, 2008 by Noah
I'm writing this blog entry from Los Angeles. Fonality, Inc. is interested in hiring me as a software developer, so they flew me out here to LA to check out the company and the area. The flight over was really long but we flew over the rocky mountains and the Grand Canyon... and also half a dozen other canyons that looked a lot like it.

I've uploaded a couple of pictures so far to my photo album. Most of the pictures were taken this morning at 8 am (which is about 11am back on the east coast), so I'll probably snap some more pictures later in the day when it's not so cloudy.

I'll post another entry when I get home and recover from the jet lag - again.

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March 30, 2008 by Noah
Alright, finally got around to programming the photo album pages for the CMS. I think this software will come in handy in the future...

Anyway, check it out.

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