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October 19, 2022 by Noah

Anonymous asks:

What does your sites name kirsle come from/ what’s the meaning?

The short answer is that Kirsle is just an AOL screen name I came up with back in middle school and doesn't mean anything; and it turned out to be such a unique name (that most all Google results for it were about me), that I decided to keep it around forever.

The longer answer is that it was originally inspired by a videogame character on the game NiGHTS: Into Dreams for the Sega Saturn. One of the baddies in the game was named Kircle, with a C, but when I read it I thought the C should've been pronounced like an S but anyway my screen name was based on Kircle for a time. But after multiple people (including text-to-speech programs) were "mispronouncing" it, I swapped the C out for an S and in doing so found a very unique username for myself.

Also, fun trivia: was the first ever domain name I registered, back in 2005 when I was in high school (my mom had to buy the domain for me!) I took the ".net" extension instead of ".com" because I thought "" didn't roll off the tongue very well; and because I didn't have a bank account to just buy my own domain names, but I already had several different websites, I thought a ".net" suffix would go well to put a bunch of subdomains beneath "" to host all my various sites on one domain name! (Before, my other sites were hosted on random free subdomains I could find online, also had a few free .tk domains back in the day!) I do now have and and they just redirect to because that name still sounds the best to me!



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Rodolfo posted on October 30, 2022 @ 15:55 UTC

I liked the genesis of your domain name. It somehow remembers me how I decided my user name for Youtube.

I was registering in Youtube very late at night, almost 3 am. By that time I lived in a city named Temuco, and had recently watched a movie named "Sleepless in Seattle". Since at that moment I was not precisely "sleepless", I picked the opposite idea for my name, so I wrote "SleepyAtTemuco".

I am not a Youtuber, just use it to watch videos, having fun, learning and wasting time. 😁


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