AiRS - Artificial Intelligence: RiveScript

April 30, 2009 by Noah
After having not run a chatterbot full-time for the past three years or so, I decided to create one again. The initial reason for having a bot running 24/7 is that, if I was away from home and my home IP address changed (which it does every now and then) -- therefore breaking the DNS on the hostname I gave my PC -- there could be a bot on AIM running from my PC that I could ask to see what my new IP address is.

And today is one such day that I tried to SSH home and got a "Connection refused", because my IP had changed. My bot told me what my new address was, and all was good.

Which brings me to my next point: the program I wrote for my bots I named AiRS (Artificial Intelligence: RiveScript). If any of my readers know me from when I used to run, this bot is sort of like my Juggernaut and Leviathan programs. The bot can run multiple connections (mirrors) to multiple listeners (so far, AIM and HTTP, but I'll be adding MSN Messenger support shortly). Unlike Juggernaut and Leviathan, though, the program uses RiveScript and RiveScript only as the reply engine.

By the time I release the program it will definitely have support for AIM, MSN, IRC, and HTTP. Other listeners? Maybe, maybe not. Jabber is a possibility. It will depend on what existing modules are available, how usable they are, how well they work, etc.

At any rate, you can chat with my AIM bot by sending an IM to AiRS Aiden. So far it just chats, but it can also tell you how the weather is, play mad libs, and do a couple less cool things.



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