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March 22, 2008 by Noah
What's this? A blog? Finally?

For the past week or so I'd been working on developing a new content management system. I developed most of its core features on and now I've migrated to work with it.

The CMS is named Starburst, which is actually the name of the web design you've been looking at for the past several months here on The CMS was named after the web design.

At any rate, today I programmed some blog software for my CMS and then migrated most of my old webpages to the new system. So, at long last, has an integrated web blog, and it's not based on WordPress.

Oh yeah, and now there's an open registration system for this site. So, if you want to sign up a username, you can do so now. There's not a whole lot you can do with it yet, though, except have a hyperlink to your profile when you leave any blog comments. However, I built in the ability to upgrade members to "Publishers", so they can contribute to this blog, but they can only create and modify entries that they wrote.

Actually, if you're not in the Eastern time zone, you can pick your time zone when you sign up an account so that the time stamps on this blog among other things will be adjusted to match.

More updates to come.



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hellwin posted on March 30, 2008 @ 22:16 UTC

your cute you need a picyure with a smile. never to intelligent for one of them.

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