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March 27, 2008 by Noah
I've got the blog software nearly completed. All it's missing is an RSS feed, and possibly an RSS syndicator, so I can display my friends' blogs on here that are hosted elsewhere. As my third real post to my new blog, it's about time I decide where this blog is going to go.

So, in order to make my blog "fit in" with the rest of the site, I've decided that this blog will mainly be centered around my various projects. I'll probably tag each post with the project(s) it revolves around so it'll be easier to navigate. I'll probably also post occasionally about ideas I have for new projects, ones that don't necessarily have a page of their own yet and which might not ever get its own page.

In other words, this blog is mostly gonna be a more glorified "recent site updates" section, which the blog kinda replaced to begin with. Only, instead of a bunch of single-bullet items to outline everything new, there will be paragraphs and a lot more detail (which may or may not be a good thing--I'll let you decide).

However, I'll be using this same blog software on a different domain, where it will be a much more interesting blog about some more in-general, real information that readers would actually be interested in. ;)



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