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May 19, 2008 by Noah
Finally, I'll discuss further my trip to Los Angeles.

Back in April I was chatting with Matt Austin, an online friend I met about 5 years ago through the hobby of chatterbot programming. He's working as a software developer at Fonality and threw out this random idea of, "why don't you move out to LA and work for Fonality?" So I was like, sure I'll check it out. If anything it'd add some more options for where I could go in the near future. Immediately the director of engineering starts chatting with me about it.

I didn't realize until I chatted with Matt some more that the director of engineering is none other than Samy, the guy who wrote the Samy is my hero worm that swept across the MySpace network a few years ago. It was pretty cool to find out that this is who I've been talking to. It was like knowing a celebrity.

Anyway, a couple weekends later Fonality flew me down to Los Angeles to check out the company, the area, and for the semi-formal interview. I hung out with Samy and Matt and their other roommate in their apartment while I was down there. The weather though kinda sucked, it was in the 50s and 60s or something that weekend... exactly the same as the weather in Michigan at the time.

At any rate, I'm going for it. I start on June 2nd as a software developer for Fonality, so the week before then is the "moving to Los Angeles" week. That's gonna be a load of fun, getting to drive through the desert and the mountains and everything. Also, since I left Liquid Web, I'm back to hosting my websites off my home Linux box again. So unless I get a new web host, my sites will be going down like a cheerleader at homecoming when I unplug my computer and won't be back up until I get settled in at LA and get Internet access there.



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