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December 30, 2010 (updated August 6, 2019) by Noah
Update (Aug 5 2019): had lost interest in Siikir a long time ago, doesn't exist anymore. It never fails that when I have a deadline I tend to hurry up and get my work done long before I reach it... even when I set the deadline myself, and when it's not even important if it gets done on time! has just been uploaded to my web server. I said I'd have it up by the new year, and I did. :) It's a gay social network site (see my previous post about it).

Now that it's up I'll mention some of the other features I came up with for it that I haven't seen other sites do, or do correctly.

"Self-moderating" photo system. It's annoying when a site makes you wait 24+ hours for an admin to come by and approve every pic you upload. So on Siikir, I came up with a better way: all public pics go live immediately!

If a user flags your pic as being inappropriate, then it goes into the "Pending Approval" mode and is temporarily taken down until an admin can look it over. If the admin judges that the pic is perfectly fine and not in violation of the rules, it goes back up, and cannot be flagged ever again by other users; it has the admin's blessing. If the picture is indeed in violation of the rules, the admin will have it deleted.

This whole system is full of statistics keeping though, if a user abuses the system and keeps on flagging pictures just to be a pest, the admin can see how many pics they've flagged and how many of those flags turned out to be false. Eventually in a future update I'll be building in a karma system, so that users who consistently upload good pics will require more flags before it goes into "pending approval" mode.

All free. SO annoying when sites ask for money to use some crucial and obvious feature, like replying to messages or seeing who thinks you're hot. Siikir will make its money in other ways, like Google Adsense or a "featured profile" feature to come.



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