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March 6, 2011 by Noah
This is a rant about what I think about my fellow gays on gay social networking sites.

They're way too much drama.

It seems as though every single guy I meet on any such gay website, automatically seems to assume that I'm going to hookup with them, or date them or be with them forever and ever or something stupid like that. Never mind that I explicitly spelled out that I'm only after friends and chatting on the site in question.

And then they get all stupid and insecure about whether or not I'm interested in them. This happens all the time but here's the last example that really pissed me off.

This Brandon character I met from who-knows-what gay site, I had him on my Yahoo! buddy list and on Facebook. He IM's me on Yahoo saying, "so do you not want me to talk to you". I wonder for a second who this is, and check my chat logs, but this is a new computer and I have no prior chat logs. I say I don't remember him, and he tells me we're facebook friends, so I go check. Not remembering still I just reply, "I have no reason not to want to talk to you."

I then notice I had an older chat open with him from Facebook where, the conversation ended with him saying,

(08:35:56 PM) Brandon: not interested in me?
(08:38:45 PM) Brandon: guess not

Yeah, I forgot to reply within 3 minutes and he assumes an answer already. I had seen this earlier, thought it was bullshit (I hate when random strangers on the Internet already start getting this insecure on me), and just ignored it. But now I put two and two together and saw that this is who I'm chatting with now on Yahoo.

So I add, "but I do wanna say I'm not looking for a b/f or a hookup or anything, only friends, is that okay?" -- and he apparently got his ego bruised by this, and tries to attack me, and say "did i ask for any of that? /ok sorry / i wont talk to you anymore / dont assume people wanna hook up and marry you"

I didn't assume. I had his Facebook chat log from earlier in the day. I tell him what he said earlier and how it looks like he wanted to be more than friends, and I paste him the chat logs. He says nothing further, and just deletes me from Facebook.

This is the sort of stupid gay drama bullshit that I do not have time to put up with. Other examples of this is when some guy wants to meet me very quickly, and I reply back saying, "I need to get to know you first before I meet you." If their response to this is, "well what do you want to know?".... this is not the correct answer. That's NOT what I meant. And I'll quit talking to him at this point.

Another example is when a guy starts getting all insecure on me and says something stupid like, "I guess you're not into me, I'll just leave you alone then." Good. If you're gonna act like a little bitch, I didn't wanna talk to you in the first place.

The annoying part about all of this is how widespread it is. It seems that every single guy I chat with on any gay website behaves this way. I don't have the time to put up with this sort of stupid bullshit.

As for the subject of this blog post, it's a joke from the IRC room I've gone to since I was 12 as I was ranting about this exact thing.

[Kirsle] I don't have time for this kinda bullshit
[Kirsle] seriously
[Kirsle] any ONE guy from any site is so much high maintenance and stress
[Kirsle] tons of guys from tons of sites is just too damn much
[Admin_Todd] what kind of bullshit do you have time for?
[Kirsle] more serious bullshit Todd, not this stupid stuff :P
[Admin_Todd] oh ok
[MattB] lol
[Admin_Todd] Big Bro give Casey some really serious bullshit
* Big_Brother gives Casey some really serious bullshit :P
[Kirsle] :P
[MattB] haha


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MattB posted on March 6, 2011 @ 06:16 UTC

Give Em Hell Casey :P

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Sajad posted on August 8, 2016 @ 10:36 UTC

So you are gay? Just the thing I couldn't understand about gays is that they don't really like girls? Really? You don't like tits? :D

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