March 23, 2008 by Noah
I've spent a good part of the day today working on my content management system some more. One of the new things as of now is that I've added support for profile pictures. Well, the support has been there (as you'd have seen from my "Contact Me" page), but there weren't any pages to actually upload or modify the "picture" variable on your profile.

Most of the other work was done on pages that only the site admin would be able to see.

Eventually I plan on building some "photo album" pages. If you noticed that the "Pictures" link on the nav bar has disappeared ever since I migrated to this new CMS, it's because I intend to replace it with something that takes a lot more effort to program. So, it won't just dump all the contents of my pictures directory out... it'll be divided up and have captions and comment support.

I would start programming it now, but I've been programming for the past 5 or 6 hours and I want my photo album pages to be as complicated as the blog pages--that is, have the ability to delegate privileges across other users to contribute content to it. And I'm feeling lazy now.

I realize that all of this is totally overkill for a personal homepage, but I ultimately have much bigger plans for my CMS, and having all this kind of functionality to start off with would help towards that goal.

Oh yeah, and, Happy Easter!



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