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April 10, 2008 by Noah
I've done some more work on this site and added a bunch of things, mainly blog-related. >:D

User Avatars
I've added support for user avatars. Registered users can upload their own avatars the same way that they can upload profile pictures. The only places that user avatars are displayed yet is on profile pages and blog comments. The avatars on the blog entries themselves are not to be confused with user avatars. However, blog entries can be user avatars, even though I'd advise against it because the owner of an avatar can change it at will.

Blog Style Changes
Another somewhat related change includes a slight adjustment to the way the blog is formatted. All avatars (user or entry) are now shown in a little white box with the writer's username below it, all hyperlinked to their profile where applicable.

Graphical Emoticons
The blog now supports graphical emoticons. :rolleyes: The default set is the standard WordPress collection of emoticons, because I'm really not a pixel artist and every time I've tried drawing my own emoticons they've always sucked. ;)

I've also made some minor changes to the photo album pages: added a black CSS border around the thumbnailified images.



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