Kirsle CMS Upgrade

March 30, 2011 by Noah
I've upgraded the back-end Perl code that powers

It is now running on the same code that Siikir runs on. I did this for a few reasons:

  • URLs look cleaner now. Instead of /blog.html?u=kirsle&id=114 you get nicer looking URLs like /blog/kirsle/kirsle-cms-upgrade.
  • I want to partition off my blogging some more. I've had the "Channels" view where you can narrow posts by topic, but I want further partitioning: I'll have different usernames on, each with their own blogs. So, expect a user to pop up who will write about personal things that most of y'all probably don't care about anyway.
  • The new code is more efficient than the old code.
It only took me a couple days to port the site over. I had to go and program in web blog support, and commenting support (for blog posts, photos and my guestbook page). This means that these features are also going to be coming to Siikir in the near future, once I harden them against dumb users first.

All the old links to old pages on will now automatically redirect to their new locations.



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