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Last Sunday, at Lightning in a Bottle, I asked my boyfriend fiancé to marry me.

He said yes!

edited: added another picture.

The Story

I didn't get the idea to do it until Friday at the festival. We always knew we wanted to have a long engagement (few years), so it didn't really matter much when I'd propose. We had run into several of our groups of friends already, who had all traveled separately to the festival. I realized a lot of my best friends were here now, some of whom I only see once a year, and it would be a great time for a proposal. I'd planned to do it on Sunday sometime and told my brother about it, and waited for the universe to send me a good opportunity to do it.

On Sunday, during the day our camp group was hanging out in a climbable art installation called The Hideout, which resembled a wooden fort like from The Little Rascals. We were there for several hours -- drinking, laughing, having a great time.

Our group hanging out in The Hideout

Fast forward to Sunday evening and we were at Lightning Stage for a set, and moods were high, so I figured the time was coming soon and that I'd do it after the set ended, when the lights were on so somebody could get a picture. We ended up leaving the set early, though, so I had to think of a Plan B: let's go check out The Hideout at night while it's all lit up.

After getting our group over there and up on the roof of the hideout, I got down on one knee, looked David in the eyes, waited for the reaction to set in, and started my proposal speech. He said yes, of course! And, because there's always a little something that has to go wrong, as soon as he said yes he gets an instant nose bleed (dry, dusty desert air!), so he's trying to take care of his nose but also all he wants to do is hug and kiss me.


David and I in Mexico City



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