Drawing a Doodad In-Game#

Project: Doodle has some limited support to draw your doodad sprites in-game. Currently you can only draw one frame (image) for the doodad and save it to disk.

To start a new doodad, open the game and enter the level editor.

Select the "New Doodad" button at the top of the screen to start drawing a new doodad. Choose the size (square) of its sprite when prompted.

Doodads saved in-game go in your user config directory for the game. On Linux, this is at ~/.config/doodle.

If you want to create a doodad with multiple frames (to animate it or have varying states that change the doodad's appearance in the level), the doodad tool is recommended. See drawing images in an external program.

Future Planned Features#

Creating doodads in-game is intended to be a fully supported feature. The following features are planned to be supported:

  • Support editing multiple frames instead of only the first frame.
  • Implement some features only available on the doodad tool using in-game UI, such as attaching JavaScripts to the doodad.