Album: Smash Bros. Stages

Some of my custom stages for Super Smash Bros. for WiiU.

If a future update adds support for sharing custom stages, I'll add download links for these.

The Hurt Locker


This is a Smash 4 remake of a stage I made in Brawl. It's a mostly enclosed space where players will get a high % damage before anybody ends up dying.

It's better on Smash 4 because the initial spawn point is already inside the main room.

Timed battles are fun if nobody dies until the time-out, because then it goes into Super Sudden Death, and after 30 seconds if nobody wins yet, the game starts spawning armed Bob-ombs everywhere causing even more chaos.

The Smashbox

This stage is entirely self-enclosed, intended for Stamina Mode.

One down side to making a completely enclosed level is that some characters can find a way of escaping and ending up on the roof, with no way of getting back inside:

  • Fox and Falco's Final Smash will land their Landmaster Tank on the roof.
  • The Kirby Star will land you on the roof.
  • Certain Assist Trophies and Pok√©mon can pull players through the roof too.

So on this map I provided a way to get back inside if you somehow escape. There are platforms by the bottom that you can land on and get back inside. The cannon arrangement in the lower corners should make it extremely difficult to escape intentionally through those drop-through platforms. The only way I've found to escape is by using Lucario or Little Mac's Final Smash, because their transformed forms can't get sucked into cannons and they're still small enough to jump down. Giga Bowser, Mega Charizard, Super Sonic and Super Dragon Yoshi are unable to do this though (either too large, or can't jump through platforms).


An implementation of this Super Sports Bros. tumblr post I found on Reddit.

It's a basketball themed level. The backboards are lava, and if you knock a character into a basket (downward facing cannons), they're done for; the cannon will shoot them straight into the lower blast zone resulting in an instant KO.

There are an additional two cannons and a moving platform below the main stage for recovery in case you fall off. The moving platform stays completely underneath the main stage; it won't save anybody who got thrown into one of the baskets.