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February 13, 2023 by Noah

Cardell asks:

So this is related to The Breath of the Wild save hacking. I play on the Yuzu emulator now. I just want the Mster Cycle earlyish and fresh vanilla game. Have found a save file editor but it doesn't let you add runes so I can't get the cycle. How did you add it to your save files on the blog? I'm sorry to bother you with something so insignificant but what I'm trying to do is so niche I can't find anything lol

I'm not sure about the Switch version but may have some ideas to get you started.

The savegame editor I used may be for the WiiU only and it provided a simple "Motorcycle" checkbox that adds the rune. If the Switch save editor doesn't do that, but does give you 'advanced' access to the various game flags, maybe setting the flag IsGet_Obj_Motorcycle may do it - the flag is set in my WiiU save files. Or otherwise browse and search around in the flags - there are a lot of them that control all sorts of features in the game, and sometimes they have uintuitive names (IsGet_Obj_RemoteBomb does the bomb rune, IsGet_Obj_StopTimer is the stasis rune, IsGet_Obj_Magnetglove is the magnesis rune, IsGet_Obj_IceMaker for cryonis).

There is also a caveat around runes at all when you're talking very early game: you can hack all these runes in to your profile, but you can't use them in-game until you have picked up a rune yourself. The D-pad shortcut doesn't work otherwise. What I did for my WiiU save files was to:

  1. Mod my game to add all runes + motorcycle + paraglider so I could leave the Plateau immediately.
  2. Do the main quests in Kakariko and Hateno Village until I get the Camera rune from Pura.

With the Camera rune added, the D-pad shortcut unlocks and I can now use all of the runes, including the motorcycle, despite never entering one of the Plateau tutorial shrines. (Doing those tutorial shrines would also unlock your rune ability - you just need a rune added "normally" for the tutorial to advance enough to let you use them!)

Good luck!



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Cardell posted on February 15, 2023 @ 09:06 UTC

This is Cardell, after many hours amd a couple of nights I've finally got the Master Cycle. Thank you so much, you're one hell of a guy. Sincerely it means a lot. The save editor works for both versions by the way. If anyone else ever has the same issue just comment on this thread. I have notifications on. I will show you how to do it or get your save file and do it for you. Again tremendous thanks,


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